Working in marketing

Wednesday 20 February, 2008

I’ve been working in marketing for a while now and I’ve started to understand that everything, even if it’s bad, is a selling point!



Chris Rock: No Apologies Tour

Wednesday 16 January, 2008

Chris Rock, who is often reported funniest American stand-up in modern comedy, was performing a show in Birmingham on 12th January and I was there. I believe this is the first tour he’s done that’s come over to the UK. “Never Scared”, “Bigger and Blacker” and “Bring The Pain” are his other show, all of which have done really well, so I was really looking forward to this. 🙂

The warm-up act on the night was a guy called Mario Sarpong. Apparently he’s fairly well know over the sea, meh. He was pretty funny with his situational style of comedy and got the nearly full arena laughing and suitably “warmed up”. It was during the warm up that we realised that we were sitting directly in front of Mr Canned Laughter! I’m serious here, this guy was laughing at everything and not just a chuckle either, this fella was loud! Even the couple of jokes that were slightly lost in “translation” that didn’t really get a laugh, that’s right, full belly laugh from the stooge behind us.


Apparently Chris Rock started of the show by repeating a lot of the jokes he used of his publicity tour.. This didn’t really bother me as I’d not seen any of his publicity! 🙂 And this joke is recycled from his older material..

My only role in my daughter’s life…is to keep my baby of the pole! They don’t grade Dads… but if your daughter ends up a stripper, you fucked up! …again, bothered? Not really as I’ve not really heard his other stuff.

Here’s a few memorable bits: on the American Election race. On current election campaign runner, Barack Obama, He’ll be fine, but his biggest problem is having a black wife….you know she’ll make him say you ain’t president… we president!” and Hilary Clinton, “Well, we know she has one strength over Obama, and that’s forgiveness!“ hehe

On rich kids “I’ve always hated rich kids, so I guess I hate my kids, little rich bastards!
Hey dad, I want a bike!” Fuck you kid! How old are you? five? Shit, when I was young, I couldn’t afford to be five until i was nine!

On relationships “Half the women in here refuse to give blowjobs, the other half are in loving relationships. Remember ladies, Spitters are Quitters!

It was a good night. Chris Rock delivered as I expected him too and the support geezer wasn’t half bad either. 🙂