Happy New Year and 3 bad things.

Sunday 13 January, 2008

Happy New Year Y’all!!!!

I’ve been a bit lazy of late and haven’t updated in quite some time, hence me wishing happy new year when it’s halfway through January! Nevermind eh? I’ll try to keep a bit more up-to-date (I promise Fran!).


So, straight on to the 3 bad things. Number one is loosing my passport. It’s probably not such a bad thing………. unless you only notice that it’s lost 2 days before you’re supposed to travel to Austria to see your Brother, Sis (in law) and nieces! GRRRR!! The whole trip was booked and paid for and as the passport is lost it wasn’t possible to claim any money back on the flights.. 😦 Obviously not visiting my family in Austria was the worst thing. Hope to see you guys soon! Oh by the way I never did find my passport and I’m currently in the process of acquiring a new one… Cost me nearly 80 squids!


Number two on the list is Christmas. I travelled down to Cornwall on the Saturday before Xmas as I was staying with my parents over the Xmas period. On Sunday, less than a day after arriving I started to feel ill. I was coming down with the dreaded Man Flu!!!! That was it, end of Xmas for me pretty much. I got fully better just after New Years Eve, ie when all the fun was over!

Here’s a video showing the affects of a cold/flu on a man.


Finally Number three. My first day back at work was on 2nd January. At lunchtime on that day I decided to drive to the shops and buy some lunch, sometimes I have packed lunch but not that day.. So, I’m driving out of the buniness park where I work and just before I get to the large roundabout my car breaks down! Great! I suspect that the clutch cable has come loose or something as the clutch pedal just went to the floor.. Ok, by this time there’s a pretty big queue behind me as lots of people seem to head over to the shops for lunch.. So I struggled to push my car off the road and up onto the grass verge. Thankfully one bloke jump out of his car and gave me a hand to push it, the other lazy b@5*@£ds just sat in their cars and watched. I had a quick look under the bonet at the clutch cable but it seemed to be connected OK still but the clutch arm was moving freely! 😦 I called the AA and they arrived about an hour later. The AA chap had a quick look and confirmed that the clutch had gone. ARSE! To cut the story a bit short, I got towed to a garage who replaced the clutch in return for nearly £300. Mechanic = good work if you can get it.


Apart from those 3 things everything is Bisto. 🙂




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