Tuesday 9 October, 2007

Ok I’ve finally taken the plunge and bought an Xbox 360. I’ve had a n Xbox for ages and I really love it (mainly for Xbox Media Centre). Media Centre allows you to play video (divx/xvid/etc) content and music from your Xbox hard drive and , more importantly, stream it over your network from your PC! It’s pure awesome.


Anyway.. on to the 360.. There are mainly 3 different flavours of the 360, namely the Core, Premium and the Elite. I was looking at getting the Elite version as it looks cool in black (the others are white), has a 120Gb hard drive and HDMI output (not that I need it….yet). After a little research I discovered that the HDMI output has now been added to the Premium as of August 2007, Bonza!



I decided to go for the Premium edition as it was a little cheaper and I can always upgrade the hard drive, should I need to, at a later date. Shopping around a bit showed that the best deals are the bundles, eg. Xbox 360 + game + whatever else you can get.xboxhalo3forza2.gif

I went up to Cribbs on Saturday morning and had a look around and found this bundle. Xbox 360 + Halo 3 + Forza Motorsport 2 + additional wireless controller for £299.99! Seeing as the Premium version of the console is £249.99 this bundle is a pretty good deal! 🙂

I also heard really good things about a new skateboarding game called Skate, it’s from EA but despite that I still bought it.. And what a good buy it was! It looks great and the controls, which take a little getting used to, make the game much more rewarding than the Tony Hawks games. I haven’t really played Forza 2 yet and have only looked at Halo 3 for about 2 minutes as Skate is just sooooo cool.. You can check out some video from Skate by clicking here.



5 Responses to “Xbox360”

  1. austromark Says:

    Hi james I didnt realise you can use the xbox 360 to stream video over your home network,is it wireless also?
    I recommend you getting it chiped if you havent allready done so I have used before and had no problems with them.
    See you soon mark

  2. Actually the original Xbox is better for streaming stuff as you can get Xbox Media Centre for it. You can then stream pretty much anything. With the 360 you can only stream from windows media centre or from windows media player and the only formats it supports are the ones that nobody uses such as .wmv.. Lame.

    Hopefully something will come out soon that lets you stream anything.. Maybe it’s out already and I don’t know about it..

  3. austromark Says:

    Hi james
    After reading around a bit I came across this site and you can download an application which lets you stream various formats to your 360.
    But theres one thing you need to have the windows Media Center 2005 version,I think?
    Check it out

  4. mike Says:

    isn’t the new dashboard update going to let you do divx etc?

  5. You’re right Mike. The update came out and all is good. 🙂

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