Tuesday 9 October, 2007

Ok I’ve finally taken the plunge and bought an Xbox 360. I’ve had a n Xbox for ages and I really love it (mainly for Xbox Media Centre). Media Centre allows you to play video (divx/xvid/etc) content and music from your Xbox hard drive and , more importantly, stream it over your network from your PC! It’s pure awesome.


Anyway.. on to the 360.. There are mainly 3 different flavours of the 360, namely the Core, Premium and the Elite. I was looking at getting the Elite version as it looks cool in black (the others are white), has a 120Gb hard drive and HDMI output (not that I need it….yet). After a little research I discovered that the HDMI output has now been added to the Premium as of August 2007, Bonza!



I decided to go for the Premium edition as it was a little cheaper and I can always upgrade the hard drive, should I need to, at a later date. Shopping around a bit showed that the best deals are the bundles, eg. Xbox 360 + game + whatever else you can get.xboxhalo3forza2.gif

I went up to Cribbs on Saturday morning and had a look around and found this bundle. Xbox 360 + Halo 3 + Forza Motorsport 2 + additional wireless controller for £299.99! Seeing as the Premium version of the console is £249.99 this bundle is a pretty good deal! 🙂

I also heard really good things about a new skateboarding game called Skate, it’s from EA but despite that I still bought it.. And what a good buy it was! It looks great and the controls, which take a little getting used to, make the game much more rewarding than the Tony Hawks games. I haven’t really played Forza 2 yet and have only looked at Halo 3 for about 2 minutes as Skate is just sooooo cool.. You can check out some video from Skate by clicking here.