Kings of Leon @ Hammersmith Apollo

Saturday 28 July, 2007

As I’ve not posted for a while I’m going to have to update you with a few things soon but this one will have to do for now..

A couple of weeks ago I drove (in my new mk2 Golf GTi :)) all the way to London Town to see Kings of Leon. Kings of Leon are “A rock band made up of three brothers and a cousin, based in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, who play a cross between Southern rock and garage rock.”

They’ve just released an amazing new album “Because of the Times” fairly recently and were playing at the Hammersmith Apollo.

We bought tickets as soon as they were released as we knew it would sell out.. However we still weren’t quick enough to get very good tickets. The view from row X was good but row A would’ve been better. They played a mixture of songs from their 3 albums but “Knocked Up” from their new album was a clear favourite with it’s 7 and a half minute long sprawling structure and the crowd taking up the backing vocals. Woah, oh, oh, woah, oh, oh!! Woah, oh, oh, woah, oh, oh!! Wow. 🙂

One thing that was annoying was the HEAT!!! As we were right near the back of the venue we were also at the top of the venue. I was getting my sweat on just sitting there before they even arrived on stage!

Oh yeah, also Caleb’s (the lead singer) microphone kept breaking! The first time it broke right at the beginning of a song and didn’t get replaced till the song finished! So we got an instrumental version. Yay, not. All in all I think he had 4 microphone changes during the set!!! The roadies in the Apollo were pretty rubbish in my opinion as they weren’t very quick at changing the mis over.. Grrrrr

Still had a really good night though and seeing them live reminds me why I like them so much.

This is our view from rox X… Check out the massive spotlights blinding the crowd! Defo not the best light show I’ve seen..


One Response to “Kings of Leon @ Hammersmith Apollo”

  1. austromark Says:

    The last photo looks like the band are getting “beemed up”

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