Tuesday 3 July, 2007

I’ve been to a few gigs recently but as I’ve not really been that well I don’t think I had as good a time as I would have if I’d been ok…

#1 – The Kooks

The Kooks played at the Academy in Bristol. It was a few days before they played at Glastonbury and they were on good form. Most, if not all, of their tracks are quite sing-a-longy if you know what I mean, so everyone was singing with/or instead of the Kooks. It was a good buzz. 🙂 I saw them at Glastonbury on the tele and they sounded great but I think the gig at the Academy had a more personal feel as there were only a few hundred instead of thousands of people there.. plus we were much closer to the band that you get at the main stages at Glasto.. Yes I am bitter that I didn’t go.

#2 – Devo

Devo are legendary. They’ve been around for year and released their first album pre 1980. They’ve not played in the UK for over 15 years so this tour is huge for them. If’ you’ve not heard of them your life is definitely missing something special that they can provide. I’m not sure what that special thing is but Devo have it. We went to Manchester to see them as someone accidentally bought Manchester tickets instead of London ones.. DOH! The gig was in the Manchester Apollo. It’s an old theatre which hasn’t really been done up or changed very much in years. Not the best venue by a long way. Anyway, Devo were, um, I can’t think of a suitable adjective to describe what they were like. They were definitely unique. Certainly entertaining. Possibly mental.

Here’s (probably) their most well known song. It’s called Whip it and this is some footage from the night..

#3 - Boris

I went to see Boris at the Cooler in Bristol. I took some earplugs as I knew it was going to ear bleed time otherwise! This band is just so loud! They're a Japanese sludge / doom / experimental / stoner / noise / drone metal band. Boris consists of; a long-haired dude in a black t-shirt with a bass guitar; an extremely tiny woman behind her ax; and an even longer-haired drummer with an huge gong mounted behind him. Not too sure if I like them too much but the gig was impressive. As the gig was coming to and end the drummer climbed onto a speaker by the edge of the stage then stagedived. He was carried along for a bit, kicked a few lights as he was held up close to the ceiling then wondered off.. The bass player just walked off though the crowd a couple of minutes later. During this time the tiny woman was still playing out one of their MASSIVE outros, most of which lasted around 5 minutes! Anyway, she just kept playing, it felt like the outro lasted about 15 minutes making the last song 25 minutes long! Awesome! :)

#4 - The Hold Steady

Due to having to help 2 people move on consecutive days we didn't end up going to see The Hold Steady.. I wasn't too disappointed as I've already seen them this year in Bristol. I saw them on the tele doing Glastonbury and they were a massive crowd pleaser which was good to see. :)

I've rambled on enough.

Oh, today marks the day that I've not smoked or drunk any alcohol for one month! I've already collected £30 from people who bet me I couldn't do it. Life is groovey. :)


One Response to “Gigs”

  1. austromark Says:

    The Kooks are one of my favorite new comers,funny thing is they don’t even get airplay he in Europe.
    So its kinda underground here.
    Do they write all there own material?
    Please don’t tell me they where casted on some stars show…

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