Holland Trip – Part 1

Sunday 6 May, 2007

So I went to Holland last weekend. I travelled over there with Gar, Tom and Ange. We got a flight from Bristol to Schiphol airport (Amsterdam). Actually we nearly didn’t even get that far! Our flight was leaving at 7.30am on the Saturday, last check in was at 6.50.. I went out on a work do the night before and probably had a couple more drinks than I should’ve then headed over to Gar’s as we were all getting a taxi from there in the morning. The taxi was booked for 6am.

So I got back to Gar’s at about 11pm. Gar, Tom, Ange, Charlie and JC were all there drinking and having a laugh, obviously I just joined in. We ended up going to bed at about 1am with our alarms set for about 5.30. We woke at 6.05 having missed the taxi!! Gar rang for another one but they couldn’t get one to us in time!! Luckily Tom offered to drive so we threw our bags and ourselves into the car and raced to the airport in record time (cutting up a petrol tanker on a sweet overtaking maneuver on the way!). We made it to the check in desk with about a minute to spare, checked in and boarded the plain right away.

We landed and grabbed our bags, well, Gar, Ange and I grabbed our bags. Tom on the other hand couldn’t see his bag so went over to the lost luggage desk. It was left at Bristol airport! The woman said the bag would be with Tom with in 24 hours.. That wasn’t quite true and Tom ended up picking his bag up from the airport on the way back home!!!

So we’re in Amsterdam and we go for a bagel and I g0t pooed on my a Dutch pigeon. Nice. Good luck some say. Well I think it’s bloody bad luck! I had poo on my leg..

We meet a few more people and there’s now about 10 of us. It was decided that it’d be a
good idea to go on a canal cruise as the weather was really nice and we could see the sights from a boat..

See the boat on the right, well that’s not the boat that we went on. Ours boat seemed to be designed very similar to a greenhouse. Needless to say it was boiling and we all nearly fell asleep (Tom did.).

Next we headed off to Vondelpark. The Dutchies were navigating and told us that it’s 5 minutes away so we go and buy a crate of beer. 30 minutes later and we’re sweating from carrying the crate and apparently we’re still 5 minutes away!!! GRRRRR!

We finally arrive at Vondelpark and it’s really nice, lots of people etc. We stay there for a while and have a picnic.. 🙂

After Amsterdam we head over to Culemborg to Marike‘s mum’s house for a bbq. There were about 15 of us there and we had the smallest bbq to cook on in the world! We had lots of drink and food it was great. Met lots of the people who I went snowboarding with in March.

The next day we headed over to a nearby lake to sunbathe, relax, play hacky sack with a tennis ball (badly) and swim in the freezing lake.

As the post is getting a bit long I’ll cut it short(ish) for now and update with more details of Queens Night / Day in a day or two..


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