Check out this picture of Venice

Sunday 15 April, 2007

Have a look at this picture. Can you believe that is was done using MS Paint?

Click picture to see the full size image.



Here’s the source of the image..

Apparently it took the guy over 500 hours to complete!

Check out these videos of some other a amazing artists using with MS Paint to create some fantastic results.

I this is about as good as I get with MS Paint… 😦



2 Responses to “Check out this picture of Venice”

  1. mark Says:

    I have never used MS Paint,is it any good?
    can it do anything that photoshop cant?
    Cool electro art though,but I would never have so much time and if I did theres nothing like pen and pencil..

  2. Haha MS Paints is rubbish!! Try it out yourself, just go to ,,,.

    It can’t even do a quarter of the things that photoshop can do..

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