Oops I just bought a new snowboard!

Tuesday 10 April, 2007

Yep, that’s right. Just bought a new snowboard. I purchased this bad boy here…. Not sure which colour the bottom will be as you don’t get a choice, not that I really care.. 😀

My new snowboard!

My current board is a wee bit short at 150! When you get a bit of speed up the board starts to chatter and skids across the snow rather than carving. This time round I’ve gone for a 158. I’m still gonna keep my old board as it’s real small and cool for park riding..

Here’s the blurb in the board…… “Set fire to the park on the Palmer Burn Snowboard. This hot board made it onto the top ten of the Transworld Good Wood board test due to its killer shape, tight construction and light weight.

Palmer’s ground breaking Klothoid sidecut combines on-point turning with straight ahead stability in either direction. Known for their high-tech manufacturing, Palmer makes the Burn one of the most advanced freestyle boards on the planet.

By placing Nomex honeycomb in the tip and tail, Palmer considerably reduces swing weight without doing away with strength. A combination of capped top sheet and sidewall construction turn the Burn into a lightweight and tough freestyle machine that will spark your park-torching abilities.”

Whoop whoop!


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