!!! (Chk Chk Chk)

Sunday 25 March, 2007

I went out last night with Rachel, Dave, Dave (Burrito) and Vicky to a gig at the Thekla. For those who don’t know “The THEKLA is a venue, club, bar and kitchen based on board a boat, moored in Bristols historic Mud Dock.”

Here it is. Bask in it’s glory. 🙂

Thekla Social

It used to have this Banksy piece on the side till they refurbished it.

Anyway, that’s besides the point. We went there to see this band called ! ! !.

! ! ! is pronounced as any three repetitive sounds. Common interpretations are chkchkchk, powpowpow, uhuhuh: unlimited possibilities.

Are you susceptible to the beast in music? The bit that makes your body move involuntarily, the bit that trances you out? Not the clever melodies or the virtuoso strumming, but the groove, the funk, the bass, the rhythm, the dirt. If you occasionally long for a bit of that then !!! are here to help.

They’re a band that make danceable music and that’s what they’re all about, getting people dancing. They were awesome. Everyone was bouncing/jumping/dancing so much I’m surprised the Thekla didn’t sink! 🙂 You can check out 3 of their songs on myspace.



3 Responses to “!!! (Chk Chk Chk)”

  1. […] at the Thekla + Cool picture 21 05 2007 Went to another gig on Sunday at the Thelka (where I saw !!! a couple of months ago). This time I went to see Datarock.. They’re a bunch of Norwegian nutters that play dancy, […]

  2. Steve Beck Says:

    Hey, I went to this gig too. We drove up from Bouremouth to see it. I can quite safely say that it was one of the best nights of my life!!!
    Here’s my b log post about the whole day…

  3. […] I’ve previously been to see Isis before so knew what to expect and I’d listened to Blonde Redhead’s latest album so was also prepared for them too.  The Isis gig was pretty chilled as we just sat on a table and watched them rather than trying to get close to the stage.  It was a good gig but not my favorite of the year by quite a long way, so far I think my best gig has been !!!. […]

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