Le Chal in Les Sybelles

Sunday 18 March, 2007

Les Sybelles offers the possibility of skiing in six different resorts (Saint Sorlin d’Arves, Saint Jean d’Arves, Le Corbier, La Toussuire, Les Bottières and Saint Colomban des Villards). Whether you are looking for thrilling and technical descents or relaxed and gentle slopes, Les Sybelles caters for all tastes in an atmosphere that will entice you to try something new.

That’s what the website says anyway..

Here’s what the pisted area looks like. In the bottom left you’ll see Le Chal, that’s where we stayed. (click on the pic to see a larger version)


There were 13 of us staying in 2 apartments. 7 in one and 6 in the other. We stayed in the 2nd floor of the building in the photo on the right. 4 of us drove from Bristol in an old Volvo 440 and the rest drove from Holland in newer vans and SUVs…

Ok, lets start off with the journey. We left Bristol on 9th March at about 2.30pm. We picked up Gar in High Wycombe and had a meal (spag bol mmmmm) at Andy’s house before setting off again for Dover. We got to Dover just in time for our 11pm ferry to Dunkerque. The ferry takes about 2 hours so we arrived at Dunkerque at midnight local time and started our driving mission across France..

After driving across France all night we met the Dutchies in the morning at one of the many service stations we stopped at. I bagged the last stint in the car and we picked up the pace following the 2 Dutch cars. The last hour was an amazing drive up extreamely narrow and winding mountain roads! It was a bit of a challenge after being up for nearly 24 hours!! 🙂

We finally arrived at the resort at about 1pm, so that’s 23 hours on the go!!

This is kinda the route we took but we went via Reims instead of Paris.

Below is a little panoramic pic showing how little snow there was! Check out the right hand side of the image.. Also the nearest lift from out appartment was about 100m or so and there was no snow under it at all! Very strange to go up on.

The snow conditions were pretty poor all week. I’d say it’s the worse that I’ve ever seen, but we still had a good time. By about midday the lower slopes were getting really chopped up and slushy but right at the top of the mountain (2600 metres) it was still pretty good all day. The off piste areas around the runs are massive!! I would have loved it if we had a load of powder to play around of but alas it didn’t snow at all whilst we were there (it’s snowing there now!! GRRRRRRR!!! 😦 )

It was so warm that I just wore a hoody and tshirt most and was still getting too hot!!

There were 2 snowboard parks marked on the piste map but only one of them was open. It concisted of a table top kicker and a rail. I had 6-7 goes on the kicker and was getting a few nice clean grabs but didn’t really feel up for the rail just yet, especially without any impact shorts or helmet!

This is getting a bit long, better wrap it up. I had a great time and met a really good bunch of people from Holland who I’ll hopefully be going to see in a month or so.

The return journey took about the same amount of time as the journey out and was reasonalbe uneventful apart from when I locked the car keys in the boot. Ahem.

Word up and I’m outa here.


One Response to “Le Chal in Les Sybelles”

  1. mark Says:

    Sounds wicked man!
    Glad you are back safe and sound.
    We have new snow since yesterday!


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