Here’s a selection of exam answers. 2 different friends who don’t know each other emailed them to me yesterday, they made me chuckle. Maybe they can make you chuckle too.



I like snowboarding but it’s kinda an expensive sport to be into. I needed some new boots and snowboard bindings (and a board, but can’t afford it right now) but if I bought them in England they would cost over £220 for the ones that I wanted. I had a look at a few of the US snowboard websites and the prices look so much cheaper over there. It worked out much cheaper at only £160 for the same boots and bindings! 🙂

Here are the boots…

My boots

…and the bindings.

Even if I had to pay the tax if customs decided to have a look at them it’d still be cheaper. That’s the great thing about the pound against the dollar at the moment, you pretty much get double for your money! I thought “Excellent!!” and planned to order the boots and bindings.

I booked and paid for my snowboarding trip to Bad Kleinkirchheim in Austria back in December but really needed some new snowboarding gear… The last boarding gear I bought was from abroad and it worked out cheap so I just had to do the same again.

After doing lots of browsing around the US snowboard sites and forums I finally chose to ordered my boots and binding from They have a huge selection of snowboarding gear from all the major brands and more! They also do some cool skateboarding and wakeboarding gear too. 🙂

I placed the order for the boots and bindings on the 10th January so this gave the order plenty of time to arrive as I wasn’t going boarding till 7th February.

One thing I was warned about when ordering goods from the US is that their postal service can be a little sporadic at best. With this in mind I was kind expecting the boots and binding to arrive a couple of weeks after I ordered them which would still be ok as I placed the order about a month before I was going on holiday. Anyway, I needed have worried as I received a nice big package at work on 17th January, that’s right both the boots and binding had arrived!

It was like Christmas part 2! I love getting deliveries especially when I’m not expecting them. They came in a large well wrapped package with all the usual bits and bobs.

I had to wait till I got home to open the package and try the boots on.. The boots amazing and bindings are kick ass too. I’ve wanted some Flow bindings for ages now, they’re the ones where the back of the binding opens up and you just slip you foot in.. Saves you from sitting down to put your binding on.. 🙂

Next on my list of things to get are a pair of these kick ass grenade gloves!

So what’s the moral of this story I hear you say.. Well I think it’s pretty clear. Take advantage of the strong pound and go get yourselves some deals from the US of A!

Over and out for now.

Snowboarding in BKK

Tuesday 13 February, 2007

Last year I got back into snowboarding after a break of about 10 years! Dave and I went to Soldeu Andorra for a week and had an awesome time. We went flat out everyday from 9am till the lifts shut at 4.30pm. Dave had never boarded before but as he used to skateboard he picked it up really quickly and was going down red runs and off piste confidently by the end of the week.


I’ve just got back from a 5 day trip to Bad Kleinkirchheim (BKK if you’re in the know, or if you can’t say Kleinkirchheim!) in Austria. Anna and I went together and stayed in a B&B on the outskirts of BKK.

This is the B&B.

The B&B owner was a nice lady who didn’t speak a word of English. This was fine most of the time as I can get by with my limited German at the breakfast table (zwei cafe bitte). When we came to leave we packed up the car and I went back to say thanks and bye. I said my “Auf Wiederschauen!” and smiled, she started talking in German but I didn’t hear say “Auf Wiederschauen” but though nevermind and headed off to the car. She’s continuing to speak German to me and starts waving her arms and walks back into the house, I wait there with a puzzled look thinking perhaps she’s going to give me a present or something. Out she comes a minute later, not with a present but with a piece of paper with a number on it!? This is when the penny drops! I forgot to pay!!! DOH! I didn’t have any cash so managed to convince her that we would come back with some money from the bank by showing her my empty wallet and bankcards.. We got back from the bank and I paid the nice lady with the huge look of relief on her face and left.

The conditions were pretty good in BKK. There was a dump the day before we got there and that was just enough to keep us going from Thursday till Sunday. A week earlier or later and I reckon it would’ve been a different story. Towards the end of the day the runs were getting a little choppy, but in the morning they were great and not at all icy. There was no snowboard park unfortunately, infact there were only a very small number of snowboarders there.

One thing I couldn’t help notice were the difficulty of the runs. When researching the resort pretty much every site said it was ideal for beginners and families. I beg to differ. The runs went from easy, medium to hard. Blue, red and black respectively. There were 3 black runs and 2 blue runs! That left about 30(ish) red runs, OK they weren’t really difficult reds but I wouldn’t have like it if I was a beginner.

Luckily Anna wasn’t a beginner and was pretty confident on all the runs apart from the Franz Klammer Olympic Champion Black run of death which we accidentally went down!! Anna only fell over a couple of times during the trip and managed to get away with 2 huge bruises and a few dents in her head. Nothing that a bit of Ibuprofen wouldn’t sort out.

This is the thermal spa at BKK. We were in here everyday, it was great.

We ate out every night and had fun choosing random things from the menu which we didn’t understand, one of which turned out to be fresh trout. Mmmmmmm, we went back there. I really wanted to try some horse that was on the menu at one of the restaurants but sadly they were all out horse, must be popular.


On the way back out flight was a little bumpy but we still arrived 20 minutes early at Stansted. It took a while to get through passport control as they appear to have a new technique of checking people which as far as I can tell involved looking at the passport then the persons face, the passport then the persons face, then the passport and the persons face again.

After getting through passport control we picked up our bags and jumped on the bus heading for the Pink Elephant car park. Amusingly Annoyingly for us the bus stopped at every other area of the huge car park before arriving at area E where Anna’s car was. By this time it was gone midnight. We loaded up the car and jumped in, looking forward to getting home. Anna turned the key in the ignition but nothing happened! Not a sausage. We then noticed the iPod charger that someone I left plugged in. OOPS!!!

Anna called her breakdown recovery who turned up, after we froze in the car for an hour, and started the car in seconds. We finally got home at gone 3.30am and both had to be in work at 8.30am.. Needless to say we didn’t have a very productive Monday.

Auf Wiederschauen.